What is your greatest accomplishment at work?

The hiring manager wants to know the largest and most significant project you’ve delivered successfully.

Avoid personal accomplishments, as a last resort use a notable educational achievement like completing a Masters or PhD. But a work related answer is best.

Take time and think back over your career, and give an example of a specific significant project which had a positive and impactful outcome.

A good answer for a Project Manager position could be:

At my last job I simultaneously undertook three projects across the continents of Europe, Asia and America. Despite the geographical challenges the projects were a success and our revenue has since increased 150% since last year.  Because of this accomplishment I was offered a position sitting on the board of directors.

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Do you prefer to work independently or in a team?

The hiring manager wants know if you’re dynamic enough to work both in a team and alone.

It’s a mistake to exaggerate one preference over the other. If your answer leans too heavily on working alone the hiring manager may become concerned that you won’t get along with your colleagues. Lean too heavily on teamwork and you may come across as too reliant on others to get things done.

Answer with balance, emphasise your adaptability to exercise both your interpersonal skills and discipline for solitary depending on the given task.

A good answer for a project manager position could be:

On my last project it was typical for me to write the project mandate document in isolation. However the draft document was peer reviewed by the wider team and myself.

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