How to Explain the Gap in Employment On Your CV?

The interviewer is checking to see that it’s not because you are unemployable. The best way to answer this question is to be truthful. Whether it’s a career break to raise children or looking after a sick relative, travelling the world or you returned to university, answer with honesty.  Practice a short-concise response without over indulging personal issues which could derail the interview.

A good answer could be:

I returned to university to complete my Master’s degree in Project Management and I passed with a distinction. It’s something I been wanted to accomplish for a while. Now that the course is complete I am focused on my career; refreshed and eager to put my knowledge into practice.

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What motivates you at work?

Avoid an answer that involves money, an exception is sales where a key motivating factor could be exceeding sales targets and getting commissions.

Analyse the job description for keywords and tell a story around it. For example the job description for a project manager vacancy may require experience dealing with suppliers.

A good answer could be as follows:

I am motivated by the recognition I get from my stakeholders whenever I successfully deliver. In my last position I was involved in the procurement process to select a supplier to develop a software application. The quotes were out of budget, but this only motivated me to persevere until I found a supplier in Bulgaria whom who met our requirements. The project was a success and my managing Director congratulated me on successfully brokering the deal.

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